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"At the end of the month I used to look at the big stack of physician paper time logs overcome with nausea. DocTime Log has replaced the paper with a streamlined process and approving and processing payments is easy. Our physicians appreciate the transparency."

“I think we all sleep better at night knowing there is structure, process and a technology that is working for us.”

“Sometimes we have technical solutions that don’t get adopted because they don’t work for the physician. I have been pleasantly pleased we have not received one physician complaint.”

"Doc Time Log ®  is a wonderful tool for both contract compliance and financial tracking. The physicians have found it very intuitive to use and have improved the quality of their monthly submissions. I would highly recommend!"

“We now have legible, concise physician time logs. It has saved me so much time, from hounding physicians to turn in their time logs and the 5-10 hours each month I spent reviewing and submitting them is now 20 minutes.”

“Doc Time Log ®   saved my team weeks of work boiled down into hours, who uses Doc Time Log ®  to pull Medicare Cost Report Data."

“Doc Time Log ®   has streamlined the payment of hundreds of physician payments each month, eliminating the need to do a check request for each payment. The handoff to finance is straightforward, there is less administrative work and physicians get paid accurately and timely.”

“Doc Time Log ®   solves a problem no one else was going to address. Most hospitals don’t consider proactively how to engage physicians to be compliant with time logs but probably should.”

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The problem: Hospitals spend millions of dollars on physician alignment – from employment to medical directorships. Because today’s systems are siloed, they can’t easily track how many doctors they’re paying, how much they’re paying them, or which doctors they should align with.

The solution: One source of truth for all physician payments. Ludi™ streamlines contract and payment data into one place. Hospital finance departments can manage documentation, pay physicians and access year end data for the cost report. Hospital CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and Physician Groups have the data to better manage this spend.

A Single Source of Truth For
ALL Physician Payments

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Ludi Inc.

It starts with the data, which drives reimbursement and your physician strategy

  • Payments for medical directorships, on-call, even tracking incentive payments & RVU payments are all contained in our software
  • Physicians document where needed using our mobile solution
  • Approvals are made electronically
  • The handoff to finance for payment is clean and complete!

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Physician Approved

Stamford Health, a multi-facility system in Connecticut with a 305-bed hospital, found it difficult to manage manually a hundred time logs each month. After implementing Ludi’s solution, Stamford Health was able to save an estimated $103,000 in staff time.

Kennedy Health | Ludi Inc
Kennedy Health | Ludi Inc

kennedy health | Ludi

Physician Approved

Kennedy Health struggled with time tracking and spend management. After implementing Ludi’s solution, the hospital quickly achieved 97+ percent physician adoption, and was able to consolidate data and improve cost reporting.