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We help organizations analyze the processes and structure for administering complex physician agreements to ensure compliant physician payments.

Realize The Benefits Of Streamlined Processes, Reduce Staff Time And Risk Reduction From Today’s Fragmented Systems.

Engagements include:

A review of all physician agreements for administrative time (medical directorships, on-call, committee work, teaching and research functions). We analyze the current process for managing and paying physicians on non-clinical care activities

A summary of all potential gaps and suggested solutions based on organization’s agreements including staff processing and systems used

Specific recommendations for a lean physician payment process, striving to streamline steps and be more efficient with staff time

Recommendations for staffing, accountability and any necessary resources to fulfill contracts as written

A phased work plan to eliminate steps all while decreasing regulatory risk

Ludi’s technology helps healthcare organizations receive appropriate reimbursement and decrease direct expenses. Staff becomes more efficient, physicians spend more time on the things they care about and organizations avoid Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute and Sunshine Law violations by tapping into analytics that are nearly impossible to track manually.

Don’t become the next headline – avoid legal and regulatory violations.

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