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DocTime Log®

Measure and manage economic alignment
with physicians all while improving
long-term return on investment.

Powerful analytics capabilities across a variety of critical and currently untracked components of the business include:

  • Physician administrative duties logged within contract parameters
  • Complete view of past and current physician activity
  • Estimated spend versus actual spend
  • Number of physicians you are economically aligned with
  • Accounts payable and payroll reports for handoff to help with internal payment process
  • Prevention of payment once contract has expired
  • High utilization of the tool by physicians
  • Ease for physicians to submit compliant data
  • Digital trail of all activity by physician and approvers to
    support audits
  • Actual hourly rate for a physicians to ensure contracted rate is being paid in-line with compliance
  • Ability to analyze work and decrease future cost
  • Physician access to 12-months of activity

Eliminate errors in payment for non-contracted activities, which can lead to Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute and Sunshine Act violations.

Set parameters around contract duties and approver tasks to minimize risk of Anti-Kickback and Stark Law settlements through the Office of Inspector General as well as violations of the Sunshine Act set forth by the ACA

Database of all activity and financial spend to evaluate strategy

Prevent many technical violations by looking into current internal processes and evaluating how to simplify and automate processes to be and remain compliant

Remove steps that use unnecessary staff time or resources and replace processes that require manual checks.

Administrative users can quickly login to the software and review pending approval time logs, then approve them all at once

Easy-to-use technology is available on any platform that replaces paper time logs while the software manages operational aspects of the physician’s contracts

Allow transparency between the physician and administrators signing on their contracts so everyone knows where a time log stands in the process

Turn your average manual 18-step process into 5 automated steps

A completely paperless technology

Absolutely no IT time is required for this solution to be implemented

Ludi’s technology helps healthcare organizations receive appropriate reimbursement and decrease direct expenses. Staff becomes more efficient, physicians spend more time on the things they care about and organizations avoid Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute and Sunshine Law violations by tapping into analytics that are nearly impossible to track manually.
Don’t become the next headline – avoid legal and regulatory violations.