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Mission and Core Values

How many physicians do we pay? How much do we pay them? And for what?

Healthcare Executive Gail Peace couldn’t answer, so she founded Ludi to help others close the loop on physician spend.

Here’s who we are as a company:

  • Honest
  • Responsive
  • Respectful
  • Innovative
  • Passionate
  • Client-driven

Ludi’s mission is to help hospitals optimize physician spend.

Our company was founded by a healthcare executive who could not easily answer what seems like a very basic question:
How many physicians are we economically aligned with?
But it’s actually anything but basic.

Want to figure it out the old way? Go to the payroll system. Pull out all physicians. There’s some of it. But does it have medical directorship payments? The on-call? Then, off to accounts payable you go, pull out physician payments. Payroll systems make it oddly difficult to even tell who’s a physician. Now what?

The fact is, today’s hospitals do not have people, processes or systems to accurately track and manage these expenditures. That comes with consequences: We’ve seen multiple hospital acquisitions delayed because they couldn’t find physician contracts and payments. And we haven’t even talked about compliance, settlements, or regulatory risk yet.

There’s too much to lose in getting this wrong.

Our mission is to help hospitals manage what they spend on physician alignment.

You simply cannot manage that which you do not measure. And if you don’t know what you spend, that number is much larger than you think.

Now the good news. Ludi’s mission is to help hospitals optimize physician spend. Our processes and systems will help you measure and then manage down this spend. Physician satisfaction improves. Compliance improves. Reimbursement improves. Strategic insight improves. We provide structure to innovative organizations who realize these payments combined need a watchful eye. Join us in optimizing your physician spend.

If you’d like to have a conversation about the best approach to optimizing physician spend at your hospital, contact us and help will be on the way!

Ludi’s technology helps healthcare organizations receive appropriate reimbursement and decrease direct expenses. Staff becomes more efficient, physicians spend more time on the things they care about and organizations avoid Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute and Sunshine Law violations by tapping into analytics that are nearly impossible to track manually.
Don’t become the next headline – avoid legal and regulatory violations.