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September 2018 DocTime Log® Release Notes

You asked, we listened.

This release is based on feedback from 5.5 years from hospital users. Physician changes were released June 14, 2018. At a global level, we have improved the look and feel, navigation, search functionality and reporting. A dashboard will guide users to what actions require attention and what is sitting in their queue. We have integrated over 75 requested enhancements that were on our product roadmap to improve the user experience.

DocTime Log

Table of Contents

Highlights of Release

Approve Queue

  • Physician Time
  • Shift Time
  • Payments *New*


  • Contracts by Approver
  • Duties by Contract
  • Duty Group Summary
  • Contracts by Shift Manager
  • Contract Expiration Report


  • Shift History


  • Manage Payments
  • Send Payments to Finance *New*


  • Accounts Payable
  • Approver Time Detail
  • Payment Summary by Physician
  • Approver Utilization Report *New*

Client Admins

  • Contracts
  • Contract Editor
  • Duties
  • Users
  • User Permissions

Highlights of Release

User Interface

  • New, modern look and feel.
  • Improved table formatting for better readability and enhanced search throughout.


  • New landing page for all users to see what actions are pending their review.
  • Displays helpful widgets based on user permissions such as approval queues, working contracts, and contracts expiring soon.


  • Clicking on the header image now returns the user to the dashboard.
  • Clicking on the Home icon returns the user to the dashboard.
  • Admin users with necessary privileges can now access the Contract Editor directly from the Contract Details page. The contract editor will ensure the user completes all needed fields for the software to calculate the payments based on the payment type of each individual contract.

Approve Queue

There are 3 approval queues contained in this tab. The first, Approve – Physician Time is for all DTL payments. The second, Approve – ShiftTime will appear if the organization is tracking any shift based units not entered by the physician but by a shift manager. The last, Approve – Payments is a new queue that will hold any incentive payments or corrections.

Approve – Physician Time

  • “Approve – Cycle” renamed “Approve – Physician Time”. This approve queue has all DTL payments awaiting approval.
  • “Click to Message and/or Approve” renamed “Approve Selected Submissions”
    • Use the new Send Message to Physician action bar button to send messages.
  • Stipend and Maximum columns removed and replaced with a New Column – Payment Type – which displays the type of payment and additional contract details ex. “Stipend 10hrs/$1,000”
  • New Column – Notes – displays the System Notes for the approval entry. This will enhance the organization’s understanding of individual payments in the event a monthly maximum is hit, it is a shared contract and a maximum has been hit, etc.
  • New icon ‘H’ – denotes a payment that is being held for Review. It will stay in the approver’s queue indefinitely. All other users will see the “H” on the payment with the approver.
  • New icon ‘E’ – denotes a payment that has been escalated. Escalated payments are flagged for the Client Admin to review.

Approve Entry Options have been expanded with new detail. By clicking on the envelope next to any entry the following 6 options are present.

  • Send Message to Physician
  • Add Internal Note
  • Hold
  • Escalate
  • Override Payment Amount
  • Update Log Entries

Approve – Shift Time

  • “Approve – Shift” renamed “Approve – Shift Time”. Approvers will need to select a service type and then navigate to the month with time logs. It is easiest to do this in list view.

Approve – Payments

  • New approval queue for approving payments. Clients requested that any incentive payment now make its way through the approval queue rather than going right to the AP reports. This will provide a second view of the payments.
  • “Approve – Incentive Payments” is where incentive payments were formerly entered. Now incentive payments will be entered in the tab called “Payments “ by selecting the “Payments – Manage Payments” option.


A contracts section has been added to more easily navigate finding a contract or finding a report that applies to the contract details itself. We have moved 4 reports to this area and added one new one.

Contract Listing

  • Filtering – Contract Status
    • Active is the default filter.
    • Other contract status types can be selected to more quickly find like contracts, i.e., “Working”.
  • Filter By Payment Type
    • New filter.
  • Max Annual $ field removed. Replaced by 3 new fields, Base Salary, Other Payments, & Potential Contract Spend.
    • Base Salary – pulled from the Base Salary field of the Contract Editor.
    • Other Payments – pulled from the Other Payments field of the Contract Editor OR, if Contract Editor field is blank, calculated by Annual Max.
    • Potential Contract Spend – sum of Base Salary and Other Payments fields.

Contracts by Approver

  • Relocated to Contracts from Reports tab. This report shows all contracts an approver is listed on for ease of audit.

Duties by Contract

  • Relocated to Contracts from Reports tab. This summary report shows the duties being used and has a link to each contract where the duty is active.

Duty Group Summary

  • Relocated to Contracts from Reports tab.
  • Formerly known as Summary by Duties.

Contracts by Shift Manager

  • Relocated to Contracts from Reports tab. This report shows all contracts a shift manager is listed on for ease of audit.

Contract Expiration Report

  • New report – details contracts that have expired or will expire, organized by Month / Year.


Shift History

  • You can now export Shift History to Excel by clicking on the Excel button in the top right corner.


Manage Payments

  • New section to manage incentive payments and corrections that may be required from past time logs.
  • “Approve – Incentive Payments” is now located under “Manage Payments”.
  • All current clients will have access to Manage Payments for Incentives and a new payment type Corrections.
  • Corrections should be used when a physician was paid incorrectly in the past and a correction needs to be made to the dollar amount paid to the physician. For example, physician entered every item on time log twice, and all 3 approvers missed this. Payment was for $4,000 rather than $2,000. A NEGATIVE correction can be entered of -2,000. The correction will appear in the “Approve – Payment” section. Once approved, it will pass to finance with all detail as a NEGATIVE payment.
  • Payments cannot be dated in the past. Date picker only allows for today’s date and onward. Notes are required on each payment for detail to provide which payment is being corrected. The date is meant to reflect when the change was made so should not be in the past for audit purposes.

Send Payments to Finance

  • New functionality that is designed to be the location for finance to pull payments.
  • When finance pulls AP reports in this tab, the users name and the date will be attached to each payment ready for payment.
  • Similar to AP Reports, but in addition to generating the AP Report, Send Payments to Finance also timestamps the entries with the Date, Time, and Name of the person who generated the first Send Payment to Finance report that included the entries.
  • This functionality allows Finance to track which payments they’ve already paid based on timestamps, serving as powerful audit tool.


Accounts Payable

  • Formerly “Accounts Payable Reporting”.
  • All AP reports now have 2 new columns: “pulled for payment” name and time stamp will be filled in on each payment that was pulled by finance under the Payment – Pull for Payment tab. If this is not used, those columns will be blank.
  • Check Requests
    • Includes Incentives on page two of the report.
    • Reports are now sortable, so it is easy to find a particular physician or contract

Approver Time Detail

  • Formerly “Approval Detail Report”.
  • YTD Total $ Paid and Avg Hourly Rate fields are color coded. See Legend on page for details.

Payment Summary by Physician

  • Most current cycle is set as default, this report lists all payments made to the physician in that cycle.

Approver Utilization Report

  • New report that produces and audit trail for how approvers are managing workflow.
  • By approver, shows Last Login, # of Approvals, and Avg. Approval Latency (# Days)

Client Admins

Contract Editor

  • Audit Review – New sidebar table dynamically updates based contract completeness. If required fields are missing (indicated in Red) then the contract will not be able to be set to Active.
  • Save Contract – Saves the contract but keeps the user in the contract. Client Admin can now choose to save a contract with minimal fields and it will be viewable with the “working” status on the dashboard and in the contract listing tab.
  • Save Contract & Exit – Saves the contract and returns the user to the Contracts Admin.

General Info Tab

  • Consistent Naming
    • Changed all ‘Agreement’ references to ‘Contract’ for consistency.
  • Contracts Share Max
    • New capability.
    • It is now possible to link 2 contracts together so they share a single max. For example, an on-call agreement and medical directorship both share the same monthly maximum.
    • Contact your Ludi Account Manager for configuration assistance.
  • Physicians Share Hours
    • If checked, Share tab becomes active where the payment information is now entered. The physicians tab is still active to select the physician, enter vendor or employee id and pay to, but the individual physician payment fields are suppressed since physician is paid at shared rate.
  • Evergreen Contracts
    • New field.
    • Selecting Agreement Evergreen? This field removes the contract end date requirement.
  • Contract Activation Date
    • New required field.
    • Replaces Contract Start Date as the date when the contract becomes Active in DTL. This is the equivalent of when the contract “goes live” in DTL.
    • Contracts with a Contract Activation Date in the future will not appear to the physician until that date, nor will they receive any welcome emails until such date.
  • Contract Start Date
    • Now simply denotes the start of the contract. Has no impact on functionality of DTL, so go ahead and put the original contract start date even if years in the past.
  • FMV Study Date
    • New field.
    • This is an optional field to track when the Fair Market Value Study was performed.
  • FMV Review Date
    • New field.
    • This is an optional field to track when the organization would like to review the Fair Market Value.
  • #Weeks Between Physician Alerts
    • New dropdown selector by increments of 1 week, up to 156 weeks. This indicates when physicians will receive automated reminders from DTL.
  • Status
    • Working (No Logging/Reports)
      • New status so contracts can be saved as ‘works in progress’.
      • Can be saved without all required fields filled in.
      • Useful for saving progress before session times out and as information is being gathered.
      • When a contract is ready to go live, change Status to Active.
        • Note: the contract editor will confirm all required fields are completed before allowing user to set status to Active.

Physicians Tab

  • If Physicians Share Hours is checked (on General Info), all payment fields are hidden on the Physicians tab.

Locations Tab

  • Locations is now a client level feature. If disabled for the client, the Locations tab is hidden and not required.

GL Tab

  • If the payment being made regularly posts to multiple GLs, we have added a new feature allowing you to enter up to 5 GLs with %.
  • Percentages must total 100%.
    • Total value will highlight yellow if < 100, green if = 100, and red if < 100.
    • Contract cannot be made Active if value does not equal 100.

Change History Tab

  • This allows client to see which fields on a contract were changes, by whom and what date.
  • Displays variety of information about saved changes made to the contract, including:
    • Date – Day and Time (GMT)
    • User – User Account Name and IP address
    • Section – The area which was updated
    • Action – What action was performed, Save or Update.
    • Details – The specific field and values that were saved or updated.


  • A much-improved search engine will auto-filter results as the user types any word in the duty.


  • New Filter by User Type
    • Admins can filter their Users table based on User Type, ie Approver, Executive, Client Admin, etc.
  • Add Users
    • Client Admins can now add users.
  • Check
    • New feature that should be used before adding a new user.
    • Check for existing users can now use either NPI or First Name & Last Name.
  • Email is now a required field for all users serving as a check to confirm the correct user has not already been added and to ensure users receive important notifications.

User Permissions

  • Client Admin
    • Client Admins can now add both physician and hospital new users.
    • Client Admins can now reopen Missed cycles that have not been submitted to Finance.
  • Physicians
    • History – Other Payments
      • New feature.
      • Physicians can now see a rolling 12mo. view of all payments made on their contracts (Corrections, Incentives, etc.) at the bottom of their History tab.
  • Payment Manager
    • New user type who has full access to payments, reports, and can view approval queues.
    • Payment Managers and Client Admins can enter corrections and incentive payments. If DocTime Spend client, other payment types as well.
  • Finance
    • New user type who has full access to reports.