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ShiftTime Log

Get your shift together!

Manage payments for ER on-call, hospitalist, laborist, intensivist, teaching and other coverage agreements largely paid from a calendar or schedule. These agreements don’t require any special notations for payment, yet the calendar for each service must be checked to ensure only one physician is paid.

Better managed and more accurate payments pays dividends on every shift.

The benefits include:

Easier to administer payments with less administrative time and no physician time

Calendar feature to prevent duplicate payments

Hard coded payment mechanisms so contract maximums are not missed

A smooth streamlined handoff to finance

Payment data can be accurately pulled for cost reporting to improve hospital reimbursement

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Ludi’s technology helps healthcare organizations receive appropriate reimbursement and decrease direct expenses. Staff becomes more efficient, physicians spend more time on the things they care about and organizations avoid Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute and Sunshine Law violations by tapping into analytics that are nearly impossible to track manually.
Don’t become the next headline – avoid legal and regulatory violations.